What’s Up With Fleece?What’s Up With Fleece?

It has come to our attention that we use fleece! 

Although this seems a bit odd that we would be informed of something we already know, it’s not funny to those who consider fleece only good for winter clothing or a cozy blanket.

Why would anyone wrap such a hot fabric around their pet? After all, this makes sense in the winter, but what about summer? What if you live somewhere that is warm year-round?

So, this must be a real big problem using fleece to make the Butters Brand drag bags, right? 

Actually, not so much.   You see, dogs don’t have the same requirements for cooling off and staying warm as humans.  Dogs do not sweat, instead they remove body heat through their mouths by panting. 

Basically, you can wrap a dog in fabric without creating too much discomfort or worrying about heat buildup.  For example, we see this with service dogs who have to wear a backpack or a vest to carry out their duties.

But pets suffering from IVDD or other lower spinal issues go a step further: they shift all the work to their front legs, leaving the lower half of their bodies limp.  They aren’t using the lower muscles.  So, the upper part of a dog wearing a drag bag is left uncovered and any heat generated through such movement is easily being handled by the normal process.

It gets better with fleece.  Because handicapped pets don’t use their hindquarter muscles, this indicates that their rear end can get cold due to inactivity.  Even in summer, where many pets live in air-conditioned comfort, fleece works to retain warmth, in addition to the usual benefits like extra padding over rough surfaces and quiet movement over hard floors (unlike vinyl or nylon bags).

By using fleece to make drag bags, we make sure your handicapped buddy is nice and comfy no matter where they choose to hang out or take a nap!

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