Cartoon image of Butter, the mascot for Butter's Brand Pet Care Products, featuring premium handicapped pet drag bags.

What is a “Drag Bag”?What is a “Drag Bag”?

BUTTERS BAG drag bag is a “Decorative Sanitary Cloth Bag for Pets with Hindquarter Disabilities”.

Dachshund wearing a handicapped pet dog drag bag with a ladybug decorative design.
Cute “Ladybug” design drag bag.

Seriously, (like snack time serious), it’s the easiest way to show your pet that you care! There’s more to learn about our cool drag bag, like its made from QUIET GLIDE fleece…Butters Brand Drag Bags are specifically designed to help your pet move around easily and quietly. Butter always tried to sneak up on his Dad but now he can with these bags! Maybe your furry buddy will do the same with you!

There’s a lot more to like!!!

  • Super easy to put on and take off!
  • Can be used with pet diapers, cause sometimes they gotta go when your not home.
  • Restores your pet’s dignity, although Butter has no idea where his went, he’s pretty sure he’s royalty.
  • Kid friendly like Butter!
  • Increases mobility and is compatible with most carts (Great. Now we want to go for a walk!)

Okay here’s what Dad has to say…

  • Prevents infections and sores from exposure to unclean floors and other surfaces.
  • Protects and keeps private parts from unwanted contact.
  • Allows your pet to move around easily while preventing scrapes, cuts and possible infections.
  • Reusable and easy to clean.

Turns a negative into a positive, like before Butter eats, and then after!

Remember: A harness is necessary for using Butter’s Brand Drag Bags so if you don’t have one or are ready for a new one, there is a wide selection of styles to fit your awesome pet’s personality and all styles are perfectly compatible with Butter’s Brand drag bags!

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