Cartoon image of Butter, the mascot for Butter's Brand Pet Care Products, featuring premium handicapped pet drag bags.


What is a Handicapped Pet Drag Bag

An incapacitated, disabled or handicapped pet drag is a
sanitary cloth bag used to cover the rear end of a disabled dog or cat. You can find out more about drag bags here .

Why are Butters Brand Drag Bags Better?

Our drag bags are made of durable, yet breathable fabric designed to be quiet and absorbent, all at the same time. The whole setup is fully adjustable to a wide range of size and weight. Finally, the bags are durable enough to go anywhere, inside or out!

Why do I need a harness?

Butters Brand custom system includes the drag bag, a harness and clips. Why so many different parts? Working together, the bag, harness and clip ensures that the bag will stay on your furry family member no matter how active, without binding at the neck and is FULLY adjustable to a large range of sizes and weights.

What if there is a design or size not listed on the site?

Butters Brand not only wants to provide the best quality drag bags for your handicapped family member, we are constantly working to find newer and better ways to bring your pet in on the action, but that takes time and money. NO PROBLEM! We are more than willing to consider custom requests concerning size and designs. Don’t hesitate to contact us with special requests or ideas!

Isn’t the fleece fabric too hot?

No, we use a lightweight, breathable fleece that is soft against the body, quiet as your pet moves about, absorbent and washable. Good all year round!

What if I have a question not covered here?

We are a small company, currently the only method to contact us is through the contact form on this site. We make every effort to respond within 24 hours.

What if I have a problem with an item I purchased?

You can view our warranty policy here for the details, but basically, the drag bags and clips and harnesses are unconditionally covered for 90 days.