Butter Visits a Bridge!

Butter watched a movie with Tony, about a long journey.  In the movie the characters had to travel on a long, tall bridge.  Butter wondered what it would be like to be on such a big bridge.  So, it was the first thing on his mind as he approached Fence Buddy.

Butter told Fence Buddy “take me to a long, tall bridge!”  Butter stepped through the fence and immediately heard water rushing far below him, and a strong breeze blew many wonderful and strange smells to his nose. This alone would keep Butter busy for a while, but he was very curious to see how far down the water was, so he looked over the side of the bridge. It appears the river was miles below him and Butter felt a bit dizzy at how high up the bridge was.  Although the bridge went over a river, it also went over some parts of a city.  On the bridge, cars were honking and trucks rumbled by, but he was safe on the sidewalk next to the guard rails.  There were even people walking and some riding on bikes…on the sidewalk of course!

The bridge was also long, so long that Butter could barely see where the bridge ended as it connected to the side of a mountain with clouds covering the top.  The bridge was made of concrete and long metal cables that seemed to hum with life as the wind blew through them.  Butter was amazed that humans could ever build such a grand structure that helped people (and dogs too!) move from one place to another!

Amazed, Butter was ready to go home and tell Tony all about this.  But Tony had a nice bowl of food ready and Butter forgot to mention anything to Tony at all. Oh Well!