Butter goes to the Beach!

Tony was talking on the phone to his friend about this mysterious place called “The Beach”.

Butter was very curious as to what this place was, and he knew right where to go! Butter headed straight to Fence Buddy and asked to go to “The Beach”.

Soon Butter felt a very warm sensation coming through his paws and he smelled a wonderful salty smell in the air, along with the sound of shore birds calling and waves crashing!

Butter started running everywhere, feeling the wet sand and the rush of wind coming offshore. Soon he stopped and looked out over the ocean amazed, because as far out as he could see, the water never stopped.

Ouch! Butter felt a pinch on his paw, looking down, he noticed a crab was running away from him. The crab ran sideways!

Butter investigated more: up high dunes covered in thin grass that tickled his nose. He found pieces of driftwood worn smooth by wind and waves. Shells in many different colors and shapes.

Soon Butter became very hot and tired. He looked everywhere for water that was not salty. Sadly, he decided it was time to go home and visit his water bowl!

Goodbye Beach, I will come visit again soon!

Butter misses the beach!