About US

Butter, our lovable mascot, was a happy and active miniature dachshund who became handicapped in 2010. Developing IVDD (Intervertebral Disk Disease) left Butter’s rear legs totally paralyzed. Butter’s owner, Tony Camarda, has since been developing, testing, and perfecting the drag bag for 10 years, in real environments and on all surfaces including hardwood floors, carpet, concrete, dirt and grass. All our drag bags are manufactured in the United States and are designed to last a long time with proper care

So here is the problem: In the past, pets who developed IVDD or other hindquarter disabilities were simply put to sleep.  Today, owners are choosing to live with and work around the disability.  This decision has created a unique situation: the pet must drag its rear end on the ground to get around inside the home or outside.  Some attempts to resolve this include homemade drag bags made from old clothes or fabrics that wear out too fast, pet diapers and wheeled carts, but diapers are not designed for pets who have lost mobility and a cart is really only for specific situations, not everyday use.

The solution is Butters Brand Handicapped Pet Drag Bags! These awesome drag bags serve a dual purpose: for the owner of a disabled pet, it covers the pet and protects the home from contamination.  For the pet, the bag protects tender skin from soreness, infection and increases mobility inside the home and outside. Butter’s Brand handicapped pet drag bags provide mobility and protection for the highest quality life possible.

Handicapped pet owners face a real challenge when the issue first comes up: Can I take care of my pet?  Often, the owner decides that the effort is worth it, but now comes the next step:  What can make the job easier?  This is where Butters Brand comes in. Our products make the decision to keep and take care of your handicapped pet an easy one!