Drag Bag Basic Starter Kit

Introducing the QUICK CHANGE BASIC STARTER KIT, currently in a 3 pack that includes the clips!   

Your QUICK CHANGE STARTER KIT includes an assortment of primary colors and a set of clips, all you need** to start using Butter’s Brand drag bags!

It’s the easiest way to show your pet you care!

Purchase yours HERE!!!

  • Allows your pet to move around easily while preventing sores, scrapes, cuts and possible infections.
  • Increases mobility and is compatible with most carts.
  • Reusable and super easy to clean.
  • QUIET GLIDE fabric: specifically chosen to help your pet move around easily and quietly!
  • Our exclusive quick change allows for fast and reliable bag changes.
  • Lightweight bags won’t slow your furry friend down!
  • Machine washable and reusable!
  • Why a harness? They won’t even know there’s a drag bag attached!
  • Can be used with pet diapers.
  • Restores your pet’s dignity.
  • Kid friendly.
  • Turns a negative into a positive!
  • **Please note:  DOES NOT include a pet harness, which is necessary and can be purchased separately IF you do not already have a harness for your furry buddy.**
  • Description:  Decorative Sanitary Cloth Bag for Small Pets with Hindquarter Disabilities
The three 3 pack of Butters Brand handicapped pet drag bags, available now on Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YBXTH4D?ref=myi_title_dp
Alternative view of Butter modeling our Navy colored handicapped pet drag bag.
Our lovable handicapped pet Butter modeling the wine colored handicapped pet drag bag.
Image showing our green with bones motif handicapped pet harness used with Butter's Brand drag bag.

You can find yours HERE!!!

2 thoughts on “Drag Bag Basic Starter Kit”

  1. Ann Perrigo says:

    How do your bags fit standard dachshunds? Do you have any photos of bigger guys using them?

  2. Butters Brand says:

    Ann, Thanks for your interest. The bags will comfortably fit most pets in the 8 to 20 pound range. Do have a furry friend that is heavier than 20 lbs?

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