Butter’s Brand Handicapped Pet Drag Bags

Welcome to Butters Brand, the only drag bag for your handicapped pet! Here are a few things to love about our drag bags:

    • Butters Brand bags and harness system has been almost 10 years in testing and development.♥
    • Your Butters Brand Drag Bag was originally created for a miniature Dachshund with rear limb disability (IVDD) and will fit most pets between 7 – 20 pounds (lbs.). The Harness/Clip System is designed to do all the work, giving your disabled pet protected and effortless mobility. ♥
    • Your Butters Brand drag bag can be used indoors on any floors such as wood, tile, carpet QUIETLY with no difficulties. Outside, Butters Brand drag bags can handle concrete, rock, asphalt, grass and dirt. With Butters Brand, the harness does all the work, not your pet’s front legs and neck while preventing sores, scrapes, cuts and possible infections. ♥
    • Our 100% Lightweight Fleece is highly absorbent, easy to clean and can be used with pet diapers (if necessary). Butters Brand drag bags are reusable and super easy to clean. Each bag is long lasting, protecting your investment value. ♥
  • ✔ HARNESS IS NOT INCLUDED: It’s important to use a well-fitting, quality harness. • Why a harness? They won’t even know there’s a drag bag attached!  ♥

Up till recently, we have not had a complete, all in one kit owners needed to get up and running immediately…but now:


Handicapped Pet Drag Bag Starter Kit (Harness Included)

Up to this point, Butter’s Brand has offered sets with the bags and clips only, which has been a popular selling item.  However, it was our concern that potential customers and owners who aren’t familiar with our products might not understand the concept of the harness and clip system, so we are introducing a complete set-up that includes bags, clips and a harness, all ready out of the box to get your loved pet up and running!

  • You have choices:
  • There are three (3) color combinations to choose from: Dark and Light Green, Dark and Light Blue and Dark and Light Red.
  • Additionally, to make these kits more accessible, we also offer a small and medium size harness.
  • The Small Harness will fit pets up to 8lbs, the Medium Harness will fit pets sized 8 to 15 lbs.

Don’t forget about our QUICK-CHANGE BASIC REFILL PACK, currently in a 3 pack that includes the clips, all you need to keep your little paw-pal active and happy! Order your Butter’s Brand drag bags today!

The original butters brand handicapped pet drag bag product.  Available on Amazon.com
original handicapped pet drag bag available at walmart.com
Image showing the Butters Brand Medium Assortment of handicapped pet drag bags
The Original Handicapped Drag Bag REFILL SET, Sized MEDIUM in fun colors…click on image to learn more!
Butters Brand Handicapped Pet Drag bags, size small but in fun colors
The Original Handicapped Drag Bag REFILL PACK, Sized SMALL in fun colors…click on image to learn more!
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